Read the stories of (ex-)NIBC employees


Read the stories of (ex-)NIBC employees

Kees van Dijkhuizen


NIBC was a very special bank from the start. Founded as De Nationale Investeringsbank, it contributed to the recovery of the Dutch economy. And it did so very successfully. The most important reason for its success has been the high quality of the people working for the bank over the years. A 'yes' from NIBC to a credit proposal was often enough for other banks to add their consent. And NIBC still has that standard of quality. When I was asked to become CFO of NIB Capital in the summer of 2005, I didn't need to think about it for long. At the time, I was Treasurer General at the Ministry of Finance. Chris Flowers et al. had just bought the bank and wanted to list it on the stock exchange. That took a while longer. The financial crisis threw a spanner in the works, and the capital market was closed off to NIBC. But we managed to keep the bank afloat by acting quickly, selling assets at – in retrospect – a limited loss right at the start of the crisis and further reducing the balance sheet as capital market funding ran out. This was also helped by the strategic decision to offer a fully digital savings product. When I left the bank in 2013 to become CFO of ABN AMRO, no less than half the bank's funding came from savings. And that was within just five years!

“I always enjoy thinking back to my time at NIBC.”

I always enjoy thinking back to my time at NIBC, the great people and the excellent collaboration between the Board and the Supervisory Board. That's essential in difficult times. We also enjoyed a good party at NIBC. I often think about the rap song 'NIBC is in the house', which Jeroen Drost and I performed with Ali B! In recent years, as CEO of ABN AMRO, I’ve witnessed the successful initial public offering by the new NIBC team. A new chapter in NIBC's rich history is now dawning. NIBC, congratulations on your 75th anniversary – on to your 100th!

Daniëlle Melis


NIBC celebrates 75 years! It's a wonderful milestone for a bank with an impressive history. I worked for NIBC, formerly known as De Nationale Investeringsbank, from 1997 to 2005. It was an important phase in my career. I remember NIBC as an entrepreneurial, ambitious and innovative bank that encourages financial engineering and entrepreneurship. We acted as a small ‘NIBC family. I remember my former colleagues and the entrepreneurial culture in which we were able to create truly innovative propositions for financial markets back in the heyday. We worked hard and played hard. That's something that is still seen today in a widespread informal network of former colleagues who continue to meet up occasionally. In my current position as (non-) executive board member in the financial sector,

I still have good memories of NIBC, the bank of post-war reconstruction that transformed into a wonderful Dutch investment bank with a rock-solid culture of NIBC employees. Congratulations to NIBC on its 75th anniversary! In the spirit of NIBC’s origin, I quote the words of Dame Vera Lynn: 'We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day!'

“We acted as an NIBC family.”

Jack van Reisen


I have worked in the financial sector for my entire professional career. Starting in 1979 I worked for ABN AMRO and since 1991 I’ve worked for NIBC. Of course, I have also regularly collaborated with other banks and done business with lots of different companies. The major difference between NIBC and other banks is that we are faster and more creative, where as other banks offer a lot more standard solutions. There is also always lots of room for initiatives, both in terms of serving new market niches and in developing new innovative products.

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of long-term relationships. Building up as well as maintaining those relationships ensures that we remain top of mind for our clients. I also notice that it’s very important to clients that NIBC has short lines and response times.

“At NIBC, there’s lots of room for initiatives.”

A few years ago, I had a real Think Yes moment. We were working on a cumulative preference shares transaction. The day before the closing, there was still a lack of clarity about the tax treatment of investors and whether this should be classified in the books as an equity or debt instrument. As a result, the deal threatened to fall apart at the last minute. I then had a meeting with our CFO and Head of Finance and was able to convince them that this was a good and completely acceptable deal and structure for us as well as the client. We were still able to close the next day and our client was extremely satisfied as a result. Yes!

I have many special memories thanks to my long career at NIBC. The meetings in the forest with the senior management team in the 1990s and 2000s, for example, and the bank’s takeover by J.C. Flowers are special memories. Soon after the takeovers, there was a planned initial public offering and a takeover by Kaupthing Bank. In the end, neither of these took place, but as chairman of the Works Council I was actively involved at the time.

Thom de Koning


NIBC is my first employer and I really enjoy working for the bank. I can’t say much about the bank’s history, but I’m really looking forward to a wonderful future with this company.

At NIBC, I’ve been involved in property financing. My academic background is in economics, but the combination of economics and property is completely new to me. There is lots of knowledge within the team and they’ve helped me grow considerably over the past year. This has been more difficult during the COVID crisis, of course, but it’s great that colleagues are still taking the initiative to explain things to me and really make time for me when I call. I’m really grateful for that.

“Everyone is a huge help.”

ogether with colleagues, I’ve been able to close various files over the past few months by looking at the opportunities instead of problems that have come up. This is typical for the bank and something I admire very much, especially in my department. We really do work together with our clients and always look for opportunities. You often hear about NIBC’s Think Yes mentality, and since working here I’ve experienced that mentality first hand. NIBC is an entrepreneurial bank. The bank works flexibly with clients and we offer tailored solutions were necessary. And we don’t readily reject files. We usually come up with a solution.

My most memorable memory so far has been working on the highest loan in the department to date – after working here for only six months. It was a huge honour for me to be involved so early on. Personally, it was a very valuable experience to be able to follow the steps of the project. This has made a positive contribution to my development.

Lyubka Sokolova


Back in 2010 when I first walked past the statue of three men in front of the NIBC building in The Hague, I had no idea how much this company would come to mean to me, on both a professional and personal level.

NIBC Bank, with its entrepreneurial approach combined with a family feeling, offered me a tremendous number of career opportunities throughout the time I worked there until 2017. I also built up many warm connections with fantastic, talented and fun colleagues and members of the management team.

My first few years in the Risk department and my time with Oil & Gas and M&A gave me a solid foundation when it came to knowing how a bank works. After that, my time at RDA was very formative. I have fond memories of the energy and kick that came from working on different transactions.

“NIBC has given me tremendous opportunities, both in my professional and personal endeavours.”

Sparring with the CRO and CFO on major real estate deals, or the CRO who brought in champagne on a Monday morning to celebrate a successful closing after months of hard work. I’m grateful for everything I learned over my seven years at NIBC. My time at the bank shaped and prepared me for my subsequent roles, first as an Investment Manager at Robeco Private Equity and now as a Consultant at McKinsey.

Alongside my regular work, NIBC offered me many other inspiring opportunities: working with start-ups in the innovation lab, being nominated for Young Talent from the Top Woman of the Year Foundation, taking up a board role at Young NIBC, to name a few. NIBC has given me strong, lasting friendships and, last but not least, NIBC is where I met my wonderful husband.

Hanneke van Paradijs


NIBC is an organization where a big group of special people form the organization and the organizational culture. Within NIBC standards are high. I have been working for a couple of years now and I was pleasenlty surprised about how NIBC’ers get along and work together. NIBC has the feeling of a corporate organization, but is at the same time warm and not overly formal. It is easy to connect with colleagues and peers and there’s also a low threshold to approach NIBC’ers.

“It is easy to connect with colleagues and peers and there’s also a low threshold to approach NIBC’ers. .”

I have lots of beautiful memories! The first visit to NIBC as an applicant and being very much impressed by the warm welcome. I remember so many nice projects me and my team have executed: The Zone, the parking space, the pavement, the garden, the transition to a new caterer and more recent: a safe building in time of COVID. Except for good work, I remember also nice moments with colleagues: a party due to IPO; in the winter garden en restaurant with colleagues and clients. I remember Christmas breakfasts, with candles and Christmas cake, together with colleagues at nicely set tables. I remember nice events organized by F&S and where we could join as guests as well. We have a staff association which has organized many fun activities, such as a visit behind the scenes at Panorama mesdag, a guided tour through the Ambassadewijk and lovely winetasting at The Exchange.

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